Maricopa County Market Stats – August 2017

Maricopa County Stats August

Facebook Rolls Out Their First Ever Real Estate Ad Product

Facebook Rolls Out Their First Ever Real Estate Ad Product

Facebook is “getting big” on real estate. Real estate marketing, that is.

Retarketing isn’t a new idea. It’s how Amazon keeps that one thing you didn’t buy following you all around the internet.

Browsing the pages of Amazon, we may click on an item to find out more or place it into our basket. Whatever the reason, we may not initiate or complete a purchase. However, Amazon knows exactly what you’ve been perusing.


Should Realtors Consider Using LinkedIn Video?

Should Realtors Consider Using LinkedIn Video?


LinkedIn, owned by Microsoft, recently rolled out their own mobile native video feature which allows users to create video posts and comments. Users can upload their recorded videos directly via their LinkedIn app. Videos will auto play on silent and can be up to 10 minutes in length.

I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t LinkedIn more of an online resume?” Well, that’s exactly why they’re trying to revamp their image and move more into the social content space.

Like their competitors, they’ve realized that the future is video. (Let’s if they roll out “Stories” and disappearing content next …)

According to Business Insider, video creators will have access to analytics beyond just “likes.” Creators will be able to see who has viewed their videos, where they work and their roles. note: LinkedIn will provide the job-related analytics only for the “top viewers” of each video.

Why should you use LinkedIn video?

Because it might be the only place left that isn’t over-saturated yet and if you’re even semi-comfortable on camera, you’ll have a head start over those folks who are just starting to use it.

Keep in mind that when you have an active LinkedIn profile, that’s going to come up in search results when someone Googles your name, wouldn’t it be nice if they could get to know you better by watching your videos?

Pro Tips:

  • Include text in your post
  • keep your video short and to the point
  • Educational content works well- it’s not about you, it’s about your customer
  • Tag a few friends who would benefit from the content
What are “iBuyers?”

What are “iBuyers?”

Recently, we attended the Inman Connect 2017 Conference in San Francisco, one of the most respected real estate conferences in the United States. Inman News identifies themselves as “the leading real estate news source for real estate agents, Realtors, brokers, real estate executives and real estate technology leaders who need the latest real estate news, insights and analysis to grow their business and stay ahead of the competition.”


Is Snapchat a Waste of Time for Real Estate Agents?

So you’ve been hearing about Snapchat and this is what you are probably thinking:Snapchat

  • It’s for millennials and they don’t buy houses.
  • Why would I want to make content that disappears?
  • I don’t think silly selfies are professional


Congratulations to our Newest Branch Manager at Biltmore Lakes Office

Fidelity National Title Agency is pleased to announce the promotion of Assistant Vice President Jodi Ayala to the position of Escrow Branch Manager of the newly formed Biltmore Lakes branch office, 2720 E. Camelback Rd., Suite 100, in Phoenix. […]